Elaine King excerpt "Masters of Graphic Arts 3rd International Biennial" in Gyor, Hungary

Rick Klauber’s abstract work reminds one of enigmatic metaphysical puzzles. Open to interpretation by their vagueness of subject, a compelling mysteriousness fills each composition. Dispensing all possible notations of representational subject matter, color and form coalesce and a spiritual sensibility results in his ethereal but densely filled spaces. Klauber’s method for making art appears aligned to other process artists who allow chance and the innateness of the material’s physical properties to interact with his acts of mark-making. Collectively his work evokes both a desirable reflective quality. The infinite spacial quality of each composition peppered with the alternating black and white forms is reminiscent of a clear, mid-night summer sky; the micro black and white organic droplets filling every section of the surface plane appear to be suspended in silent animation.

Dr. Elaine King
from the catalogue essay for "Masters of Graphic Arts 3rd International Biennial" in Gyor, Hungary, 1996